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Regular smurfs 20068-20121 Bullymolds

All the smurfs Schleich gave the articlenumbers between 20068 and 20121 are molds
Bully made between 1974 and 1980. The founder of Bully, also called Mr Bully, is
Klaus Volkmar. He worked for Schleich until 1973 and was Friedrich Schleich son-in-
law. After a family row he left the company and started his own company in his garage
at home. Some of his old collegues at Schleich started working for him and he
managed to get the rights to produce the smurfs by Peyo. So Schleich were not allowed
to make smurfs after 1975. In the beginning these smurfs did not have any Bully- or
. The early ones were also very soft material. In 1977 Bully started a
factory in Ronsberg and got better machines. But for some reason Peyo was not
satisfied with Bully and started a lawsuit against him in 1977. Peyo lost the first battle
and Bully could still produce the smurfs and had the rights for them in Germany,
Canada and Scandinavia. Bully lost the rights for the smurfs in 1979 and was not
allowed to make any smurfs after 31 december 1979. He also had to give all the
molds to Schleich. From 1980 Schleich were they sole worldwide manufacturer and
seller of these figurines.

During the years 1974 to 1980 Bully never made any smurfs outside Germany. But when
Schleich got all the Bullymolds from Bully they did not change the marking. Probably this
was some kind of deal between Bully and Schleich. Bully was not allowed to keep the
molds( courtorder) and had no use for them, but they were still not available for anyone
to use if they did not make a deal with the company which made them?
Or maybe Peyo decided this since he is kind of the owner of all smurf-molds! :)

So between 1980 and 1984 Schleich produced the Bullymolds, still using the
Bullymarking. These however were never made by Bully, only that Bully still had the
rights for these molds in a way. :)

So when finding a smurf marked Bully Hongkong it was actually made by Schleich in
Hongkong. :)





Marking chronology 1974-1980

20068 Bully kicker

20069 Jungle

20070 Harp

20071 Flying

20072 Trumpet

20073 Cook

20074 King

20075 Quack

20076 Courting

20077 Naughty

20078 Beer

20079 Jolly

20080 Biscuit

20081 Tyrolese

20082 Shy

20083 Hammer

20084 Handstand

20085 Cushion

20086 Present

20087 Axe

20088 Traveller

20089 Artist

20090 Jester

20091 Skier

20092 Papa Conductor

20093 Bully Tennisplayer

20094 Bookworm

20095 Oboist

20096 Sledgehammer

20097 Injured

20098 Ballerina

20099 Head cook

20100 Cake

20101 Fisherman

20102 Archer

20103 Pupil

20104 Pirate

20105 Scot

20106 Hunter

20107 Carnival

20108 Sauna

20109 Guard

20110 Hairdresser

20111 Cupid

20112 Carpenter

20113 Baker

20114 Magician

20115 Lion tamer

20116 Alchemist

20117 Cornucopia

20118 Umbrella

20119 Superman

20120 Diver

20121 Ice skater

Bully Astro. Never sold by Schleich

Bully Smurfette. Never sold by Schleich

Bully Digger. Never sold by Schleich

Bully Gargamel. Never sold by Schleich

20498 Johan

20499 Pewitt